It just Happened!

We envisioned creating fashionable clothing devoted to figure skaters, something for them to wear on and off the ice to express their passion for skating.  Like many small businesses, it began at home.  We introduced our products with only 3 designs at a nearby Chicagoland ISI competition in 2005.  Since then, we have grown and now offer all that you see on our website.  Welcome to the “Kingdom of Ice” . . .

Our Designs

We keep with the fashion; create the design.  Each of our designs is unique and original - inspired by current fashions that we see today.  Don’t stop visiting our website, as new designs will be added in the future.  Be sure to sign up on our e-mail list; we will contact you when new skatewear becomes available.
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Our Products

We take great pride in our skatewear.  We choose quality products and styles from many manufacturers across the country.  We also strive to keep our skatewear reasonably priced.  We back our products and offer personal service to ensure customer satisfaction.

About Us

We are husband and wife who both share a love for the sport.  We started skating when we were young, and currently coach figure skating at ice rinks in the Chicago area.  The highlight of our lives was to have had the opportunity to perform in professional ice shows around the world for many years together.

Our Thanks

We want to thank Mario for the push to get started, Sue for her enthusiastic support from the beginning, our mothers (of course!), and to our customers who continue to support our business by buying and proudly wearing our products!  We wish to extend a special thanks to so many ice rinks and figure skating organizations around Chicago for their partnership over the past three years.


Please click on the “Contact Us” key on this page to sign up on our e-mail list . .




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